"We build together for a healthy life"


Europharm Distribution launched the project “We build together for a healthy life!” in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Romania, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to eradicate poor life conditions for families in Romania.



Our employees engaged in volunteer activities supporting Habitat for Humanity programmes for the benefit of the Romanian communities, providing needy families with places to live. The results were impressive: more than 7,750 hours of voluntary work during the 3-year campaign on Habitat dwelling sites. Europharm also supported the programme financially donating all building materials used for building the houses.

  •  19 dwelling sites in 14 locations
  •  544 EPH volunteers
  •  7,756 hours of voluntary work
  •  35 beneficiary families
  •  40 children who attend day-care centres

Energetic Efficiency Programme

Our employees got involved in local community life along with Habitat for Humanity Romania in a different kind of programme, other than the traditional house building for the needy ones. As the energetic efficiency became also a top priority for Europharm business and we are constantly concentrating on decreasing water ad energy consumption, a number of 8 volunteers from Europharm Distribution along with representatives of Habitat for Humanity Romania taught 300 families about energetic efficiency. The programme trained the families about practical solutions such as: efficient use of appliances and thermal efficiency of their houses, types of insulating materials and technologies and other good-to-know practical aspects. 

„At first I participated in the training as a friend had asked me to join her and not because I thought it would be appropriate. Only time after that I realized what a good decision I had made. I have never thought that such simple things could save money in my family. I have learned there that even the phone charger that I used to keep it always plugged in was consuming energy. Therefore, since then I only plug in the phone charger when needed. I have learned that a lamp left switched on in a storeroom means more money for energy, so I’ve started to be more careful and to switch it off when I leave the room. I have found out that if I isolate my attic, I will save wood over the winter. I can say for sure that the training was useful, as I could use the money I spared to buy more clothes to my kids””, declared a participant in the training session from Beius.