"In the company of good men"


Our employees engaged as volunteers in the internal fund-raising campaign ”In the company of good men”, launched by GSK Group in partnership with “Save the Children”, with the declared aim of reducing rate of infantile death.




During the campaign, all 4 ambassadors – the photographers Andrei Pungovschi and Bogdan Baraghin, the blogger Cristian China Birta and the journalist Andrei Craciun – went to communities from Suceava (Gulea, Patrauti and Ciprian Porumbescu) and Botosani (Gorbanesti and Hiliseu Horia), to collect the stories of the children and mothers included in the project and to get us closer to them.

The employees were encouraged to donate in order to be able to solve these cases and to become project ambassadors.

“We have started involving in children supporting activities beginning last year with the campaign “Europharm Distribution volunteers share their free time with children”. Many colleagues dedicated a special time from their weekends to get involved in events planned for children from educational centres”, said Viorel Vodita, Marketing Manager.

“This year we joined the partnership with Save the Children in the fund-raising campaign “In the company of good men”. If we managed to get together, find resources and “donate” our free time to children, we could do more this time: we got involved as ambassadors, as volunteers and/ or donators in this campaign for raising awareness on infantile mortality in Romania.”, declared Viorel Vodita.  

The donated amount of money was doubled by the company, reaching the children whose stories were presented in the campaign.