Sport Competitions



Overt the years, Europharm Distribution was one of the sponsors in the main running events such as Casiopeea, the Semi marathon and Bucharest International Marathon.





By enrolling runners in these competitions, we supported Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation to develop palliative healthcare, to the benefits of the terminal ill patients. Thus, we have engaged along with other participant companies to help 2 ,000 children and adults with terminal ill diseases to receive free medical assistance in the new HOSPICE Center in Bucharest.

 “Thank you for running with and for us in the marathon. We hope it was a pleasant experience for you also. The weather was fine and the final results were very good for HOSPICE: gathering 600 runners in the team (the largest team from the marathon) and 60,000 euro!”. (representative of Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation)