We are active on the local market for over 23 years, with annual sales exceeding 200 million euro.

The Company has almost 500 employees operating activities in 10 warehouses, retailing a portfolio of over 3,500 products from more than 80 local and international suppliers, addressing more than 4,000 points of sale:

- pharmacies
- hospitals
- drugstores
- other clients




1994 The foundations of Europharm Holding, as a distribution company, are laid in Brasov.

1998 Europharm Holding enters a strategic partnership with SmithKline Beecham.

2003 GlaxoSmithKline takes over 100% of Europharm Holding.

2004 We change our visual identity, choosing to be represented by new graphics: the heart, the symbol of life and health and the snake contour, the ancient pharmacy symbol.Europharm Distribution ended up the procedures to be certified with ISO 9001 – 2008, the internal quality management system.

2010 We inaugurate the Logistics Services Warehouse in Chitila, representing a new development stage of the company as Logistics Services Provider.

2014 We launched Chitila Logistic Center, where we develop logistic operations dedicated to both Direct Distribution and Logistics Services, for partners and suppliers.

2016 Starting the 1st of November, the acquisition of Europharm Distribution from GSK Group to Interbrands Marketing & Distribution SRL is completed. As a result, Europharm Distribution remains a standalone company within IBR Group.

2017 It is the year of investments and organizational changes to increase and consolidate the company’s position as leader of the pharma Distribution and Logistics Services market.