Logistic Infrastructure

The total area of the premises in Chitila Logistics Services Warehouse exceeds 4,000 sqm, with a total capacity of more than 7,000 pallets. The warehouse is equipped with cold rooms, meeting the European standards for storing medicinal products for human use (in accordance with GDP).

The facility is equipped with fire prevention and fire alarm, with continuous monitoring of temperature and moisture system, with building security systems, as well as sustainable “green energy” management systems.


The equipments that provide continuous recording temperature and moisture in the warehouse are qualified and periodically tested. They are equipped with text/email alarming system in case they register deviations from normal values. All monitoring devices are calibrated and subject to a maintenance schedule, according to local legislation requirements.

The warehouse has a dedicated area for promotional packages production with two foiling machines producing up to 20,000 packages per day, depending on the package complexity.


We ensure transportation mainly through our own delivery van fleet. The entire fleet is equipped with validated devices that ensure and monitor the proper temperature during transportation. Our vans can transport products into two different ranges of controlled temperature, 20-80C and 150-250C.

All our vans are equipped with recording devices for temperature and moisture monitoring, periodically validated, both in the car and in the coolers. The temperature values can be printed due to the direct connection to the car printing device.