"Volunteers from Europharm Distribution share their time with children"



Europharm Distribution and “Save the Children” launched the campaign "Volunteers from Europharm Distribution share their time with children”, implemented in “Save the Children” Educational Centers from Romania.



The children sheltered by these centers received our employees’ support and care: whether it was about purchasing educational materials or spending time with children while visiting museums or making trips, manufacturing greeting cards or doing sports, we found out that any activity we involve in along with children is important for them.

The children’ smiles and the gratitude that they could join a social support activity motivated the employees to be eager for similar future experiences.

“Thanks to you and other supporters, we have managed to offer attractive high quality educational services to these children from poor families and to support them in difficult situations. Your involvement in extra-school activities, by spending time with children, represented their chance to live special, joyful moments. You gave the children a motivation to go to school and learn. Thank you for your participation, solidarity and generosity!” (Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President, Save the Children Romania)


The results of the 6-month project, “Volunteers from Europharm Distribution share their time with children”, were:

  •         20 activities in 11 Save the Children Educational Centers
  •        140 EPH volunteers             
  •         410 beneficiary children