Our company is a national coverage wholesaler addressing all types of customers who are licensed to sell drugs angro or to patients (pharmacies, drugstores, hospitals, warehouses etc.).

Our field sales team helps ensuring our clients a high service level, by means of face to face visits, at least 2 times a month for every client. At the same time, we are ensuring a delivery service level from 2 times a day to maximum 48 hours.

We are continuously adapting our business proposals to the requirements of the external environment, as well as to the needs of our clients. We are customer oriented in all our interactions, while laying a solid foundation in building our business relations.

Our commercial policy ensures mutual profitability for us and our clients, as well as loyal competition.

We respect our promises and assure the transparency of our operations in our commercial business relations.

Our pharmacy partners can launch online orders on EphTop site. EphTop site was especially designed so that our pharmacy partners have access to our product portfolio, launch online orders for pharmaceutical products, being able to receive confirmation on products’ availability and quantities at the moment of the order.

A dedicated team of telesales operators answers the calls received at our toll-free number 0800 070 700 from clients. This team helps ensure an efficient commercial business relation with our clients, optimizing the way we take orders, completing the visits of the commercial representatives and the calls of the telesales operators in our warehouses.


If you want to become our partner, please visit our Contact page for contact details.